Quido is a crypto investment platform which allows you to invest in top crypto coins and projects handpicked by experts.

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What we do

We make
crypto investing
easy for you

80% people end up losing
money while investing in crypto

It is mainly because investing in crypto projects requires extensive research, analysis, and a deep understanding of the market trends. It's a complex task to identify top projects among thousands, demanding expertise and experience.

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Smart Investing

Invest in top crypto coins hand picked by experts

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Personalized Guidance

Get personalized investment assistance from our experts

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Coinchests are curated baskets of coins that help you gain exposure to multiple cryptocurrencies effortlessly.

Our expert team selects coins based on market trends, growth potential and risk management.

Coinchests are perfect for beginners and seasoned investors alike, saving you time and effort.

Level up your investing game.

We are constantly building features to keep you updated with market trends and invest in crypto like a pro.

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Coin Sentiment

We provide Bullish / Bearish signals for crypto coins based on current market sentiment and potential upside

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Trade Signals

Good time to Buy / Sell signals by experts to help you maximize your returns.

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Coin Insights

Track and understand the feasibility and popularity of crypto coins through our TURTLE framework.

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Market Mood

Stay updated with investor sentiment in the market through Market Mood insights.

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Your investing journey

Here's how you get started

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Sign up

Download the Quido application and sign up by entering your details.

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Connect Exchange

Link your existing Crypto Exchange account or create a new one. All your investments will be held with this exchange and not us.

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Browse Coinchests

Explore through the different coinchests and choose the one which suits your risk apetite.

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Click on invest and start your crypto investment journey!

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choose us

Analyze to maximize

Our back-tested strategies are created through fundamental, technical, and on-chain analysis. These strategies are constantly updated based on market conditions, maximizing your potential returns.



Analysis based on token's underlying factors, such as technology, team, adoption, and market demand.



Analysis based on studying historical price and volume data.



Analysis based on blockchain data to gain insights into the behaviour of market participants.

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Relax and watch your investments grow

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We are Trusted by 100+ customers

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Quido's Coinchests are a game-changer! I love the convenience of diversifying my crypto investments with just a few clicks. It's made my portfolio management effortless and profitable. Highly impressed!

Kalpesh Patel
VP Sales, Sumitomo Chemicals
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As a crypto enthusiast, Quido has exceeded my expectations. The accurate buy/sell signals and valuable insights have helped me optimize my investing strategy. The Coinchests are a brilliant concept for hassle-free diversification. Bravo, Quido!

Megha Mattikalli
Software Developer, Amazon
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Quido has simplified my crypto journey. The intuitive interface, accurate signals, and quick assessment with the coin rating system have boosted my confidence in making informed investment decisions. Thank you, Quido, for making crypto investing accessible and profitable!

Palakh Jaiswal
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Quido's Coinchests have transformed my crypto investing journey! With a diverse range of coins in each basket, I can easily manage and optimize my portfolio. Quido is a game-changer for hassle-free diversification!

Bhadran Nair
Chartered Accountant
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I've tried several crypto platforms, but Quido is by far the best. The accuracy of their buy/sell signals and valuable insights have helped me make profitable investment decisions. Highly recommend Quido's Coinchests for investing in crypto gems!

Shikhar Sharma
Part-time Crypto Trader